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Blessed Performance 6.0L Powerstroke Tuning

Blessed Performance Tuning 2003-2007 6.0L Powerstroke
Pricing: $75.00

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Please input the following information in each space provided above, in this order.

1. All Vehicle Mods (More Detail The Better For Your Custom Tunes)

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5. Tire Size

6. VIN #

7. Year - Make - Model - Transmission type

"We guarantee our tunes to not throw any check engine lights. We can write any of these tune to specs you will list in the "Mod's List" section for head bolts or head studs. Please list as much info as possible as this helps us with writing the tunes to be spot on to meet your needs and goals." - BLESSED PERFORMANCE

"If you will notice we list a range of horsepower ratings. We do not give specific levels because obviously we can not put you on a dyno for that. These power levels range based on our results and history of tuning. These power levels are also based on modifications, overall health of the truck, injector size, turbo size, hpop system health, fuel system health, elevation etc.. There are a lot of factors that go into horsepower and rather than giving you blown up false numbers we would rather let our customer feel the difference when they drive their truck." - BLESSED PERFORMANCE

Tune List

TOW BOSS - Our brew of a clean pulling 6 liter Powerstroke. We love to see folks use these trucks for their intended use and we will ensure that with this tune you will be safe to tow like a boss. We include some nice features but can add others to the mix. We include for the vgt folks heavy Jake Brake and for the Non-Vgt folks and Overdrive Lockout that allow you to pull a hill like a champ. We also integrate some nice help from the transmission for stopping those heavy loads. 30-50hp

ECOBEAST STREET - This is our flagship tune. Although most customers see a 2-4 mpg gain with this tune we do not guarantee but we would be surprised if you didn't see those gains. This is a super clean tune designed to run clean and efficient for those long road trips or daily driving around town to get groceries. 90-130hp

BLESSED XTREME PERFORMANCE - This is our everyday race tune. We work with the trans to hold shift points slightly longer and really bring on the power in the 6.0 Powerstroke power band. This tune has seen up to 190hp gains which is rare but it can happen with a very heatlhy running truck. This tune will be smokier simply due to the fact it is a race tune and we recommend this for Friday night cruising downtown when you want to beat up on the Mustang's or other diesel boy's. We recommend this for going to the track and running to have a good time. 140-190hp

Options we can build into your tuning(Please request in the "Requested Details" Section)

Overdrive lockout - Great for non vgt trucks and even vgt that get laggy when going up hill this feature you simply tap the tow/haul button and lockout overdrive allowing you to downshift without moving the throttle and get back into the power band.
Whistle or Open Viens - Whether you love the classic whistle of the 6.0 or the rumble of the Powerstroke we can help. Just let us know if you would like either option.

Tunes are generally written with 24hours of recieving the order. If there were a situation where we could not meet this expectation we would email you and let you know the expected date.

Revisions - You have 72 hours to test the tunes. If you feel a revision is needed then please let us know within that time frame and we will make recommendations based on the info we give or we will modify the tune and send again. Anything after 72 hours there will be a surcharge pro-rated for time from original tune starting at $25.



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